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Annatopia is anywhere. It is a place of concentration and contemplation.
A spot where lines, perspectives and dimensions meet, cross, interfere and confuse.
It is about encircling time and space by the pen, to discover new dimensions.
With a thin line I capture what I see. By looking close enough even the unseen becomes
visible. I follow the line. Annatopia is everywhere.

In the essay “Heterotopia, of other places” Michel Foucault describes these other places
by using a number of principles. Annatopia has its own topographic principles.

The 1st principle is the Annalysis. A simple study of a certain space, that requests time,
presence, paper and a pen. You sit and watch. You put your pen on the paper and you follow
the line. The hand follows the eye. By the line you´ll encircle yourself. You find out where
you are.

The 2nd principle is about finding the Annatomy of space. It starts out with the annalysis but goes further on, through the inner structures and complexity, striving to find every element that make the place exist and expand.

The 3rdprinciple, the Annachronical, an extension in time, simultaneously presenting layers
from now, then and the future. Some time you return to a place that you do not recognize. Some time you do not recognise yourself.

The 4th principle is the Annalogical. which is not only the opposite to the digital. This space shows every angle at one glance. By slowly turning your head perspective is compressed, limits
are floating.

Annagram, the 5thprinciple resembles Utopia. You can see the place but it does not really exist. Like in the mirror. It is there but not there. The Annagram offers you every possible reading.

6th   The Annarchistic space doesn´t follow any rules. It follows only the line. It defines itself.

7th Annother story is mixed up with reality. It can be temporal or permanent and tends to stretch the temporal in to permanence and vice versa.

The form is free, time is floating. The vision is multiplied.