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Skulptur.Projekte in Münster 1997


Sculpture.Projects in Münster 1997
a collaboration with Elin Wikström.

Returnity was a temporary bicycle-club that existed in Münster, June 21 -Sept 28 1997.

The club had nine bikes and a club-house which was situated in connection with the Promenade, a 4,5 km bicycle-path incircling the old centre of Münster. In front of the club-house was the practising-area, an about 100-meters side-path of the Promenade.
The Returnity-bike is an ordinary bicycle, with an extra cog-wheel added, which makes the bike move in the opposite direction, when you pedal normally. To facilitate this way of moving the bike is also provided with two driving-mirrors and training-wheels. Any ordinary bike is a possible returnity-bike.